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Priority Freight

• A pre-eminent service for Parcels and Documents and made for the Guaranteed Next Business Day Delivery. This is specially designed for time- sensitive parcels and documents.
• Consignment goes off in a damage-proof safety pouch.
• It offers confirmed next business day delivery along with Money Back Guarantee.
• Dedicated and exclusive team to manage your priority shipments.
• Up to 30kgs of parcels and documents (single pieces) could be sent. On the other, side volumes could also be transported with weight ranging from 1 Kg upward to any requisite load as may be needed by the client.
• Enthusiastic delivery team to assure time-bound deliveries.
• Broad range of pin code gets covered. Kindly specify our latest pin code search on the website.
• Pre-emptive delivery information through real-time SMS.
• Dutiful customer support team will be present for your assistance.
• Signature of the recipient (scanned picture of POD) accessible on the net.

Door-to-door Courier Service

• It shows up as a service delivered through a resolute division of B4 Logistics that supplies door-to-door parcel service with the backing of our broad nationwide network by utilizing a sturdy multi-model transportation mode.
• Door-to-door delivery & pick-up.
• With this door-to-door delivery, we provide the delivery to you with insurance for lost and damaged goods.
• Tailor-made service is available to any part of the nation on request.
• Multi-module network of road, rail, and air forged for timely and smooth deliveries of the shipping.
• Door-to-door delivery service does not make you spend any extra costs at any stage of fulfillment process.
• Since we are taking care of the whole fulfillment process, you don’t have to deplete efforts or time on fleet and resource management for logistics.
• Specifically designed service for financial and banking institutions to transfer their securitized documents such as checkbooks, debit cards, and so on.

Global Delivery

This sort of service covers over 1000 cities across the world spread over five continents. It offers an extensive presence in the neighboring countries. From your doorstep you’ll get free pick-up and prompt transit time. Global delivery caters to customs clearance at destination and origin as well.
Commercial Consignment
• At the airport of origin customs, clearance is achievable in India.
• At the doorstep of the consignee, the consignment will be delivered.
• Picking up the consignment is accessible from the shipper’s doorstep in India.
• At destination airport, processing of customs clearance is obtainable.
• Carrying the consignment up to the destination airport.
• All duty-related issues will be handled.
Import Express
• In local currency, payment facility is available.
• Easy-going customs payment.
• Available from most nations across the globe.
• For all import shipments single invoice is offered.

Parcel Service (SPX)

Parcel service is acquirable to take your large and small parcels everywhere across the world.

Documents (DOX)
Exclusive service offering trustworthy, fastest, and most secure way to dispatch your documents around the world.


The documents sent via this service indulge in a host of following attributes that makes it famous for our clients all the way back to more than two decades.

• More than 70+ offices are functioning 365 days a year, round-the-clock.
• Network of over 3,600 expediently located offices handling over 6,000 PIN Codes span over 1,200 locations across the nation.
• Widespread presence in the secluded North-Eastern sector.
• On your behalf, we are deliberately taking care of any complexities regarding the movement of your stuff.
• We offer expertise in dangerous goods and hazardous material shipping.
• Booking service proffers lots of features to make the daily operations run steadily.
• Global process control is making sure that your needs are fulfilled at a pleasant level.
• Documentation management is assuring your freight documents are delivered on time accurately.
• It enhances shareholder value and profitability.
• Expand visibility to the supply chain.
• Uplift customer service via maintaining efficiency and quality.

Bulk Unitization

Convenient scheduling and extensive reach make it quite easier for you to forward each and everything from perishable to general and fresh flowers etc.

• You will surely find our services completely hassle-free.
• We use up-to-date technologies to inform and transact you about your shipment /cargo via the trace and track feature on our online site.
• Load unitization is a quite efficient approach of arranging, packaging and transporting goods into an appropriate unit for simple handling by the material handling equipment.
• Load unitization aids to eliminate the handling issues and maintain a good vertical alignment into road-rail, or sea transportation. Hence, product does not get dented or smashed.
• This not only imparts to the storage space’s effectual utilization but also proffers optimal stability for goods like bagged products, lumber, and cased goods.

Management Services

• Supply chain and network flow process analysis
• Re-engineering and emerging optimized supply chains
• Supply chain set-up, strategy, and governance
• Global procurement strategy development
• Supplier sourcing and category expertise
• Pre-sales & after-sales support like order, returns, general customer inquiries, product warranties, delivery status, and technical support
• Classification, evaluation, and prioritization of inquiries to facilitate proper resolutions
• Best-in-class telecom, security infrastructure, and network, all imparted by industry leaders
• Planning and coordination
• Logistics execution

Transport Solutions

• Transport of finished products and raw materials
• Domestic distribution and cross-border logistics (international transport)
• Transport Management System
• Temperature-ensured transport
• Shipment consolidation
• Real-time track & trace
• Scheduled delivery
• Network planning
• Data management and analytics
• Real-time visibility
• Freight optimization

Warehousing Solutions

• Shared and dedicated operations
• Temperature-controlled facilities
• Pick, store, pack, and dispatch
• Delivery with returns management
• Scenario analysis and strategic network design
• Logistics facility consultation, design, and construction
• Site choosing and lease negotiation

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